Stephanie is the CEO and President of the Lee Andrews Group. Since 2013 Stephanie has helped guide the growth and direction of the firm. In addition to her management responsibilities, she personally consults and strategizes with clients on public affairs, public relations, media strategy, crisis communication, outreach + engagement and government relations.  Ms. Graves provides leadership and project support for a variety of transportation, planning and construction projects.  Stephanie’s leadership tasks include development and implementation of outreach strategies across a wide array of diverse stakeholders throughout California on media strategy development and engagement with print, online, television and radio reporters, as well as interface with local, state and federal officials.  Stephanie has a long history managing community and media relation’s teams to ensure successful implementation of programs in diverse communities.  Stephanie has built lasting and successful coalitions from the community grassroots, to elected officials to the CEO and business leader levels.

Stephanie graduated USC with both her BS and JD.  She has a thirteen year old daughter and lives in Newport Beach.  Her fiancée is a JAG in the United States Navy.  Stephanie sits on the boards of the Global Land Use and Economic Council and Vision to Learn.