Ricardo Mendoza, Associate Vice President of Community Outreach and Business Development

Ricardo is skilled at blending client insight with cultural relevance and industry best practices to create outreach and relations’ programs. He provides day-to-day management from building the original campaign to full execution. Ricardo has passion for social impact and project management while specializing in Latino and diverse neighborhoods. Ricardo has developed strategies that aid in construction of mixed-use developments in downtown Los Angeles. He provides not only large-scale community presentations, but also one-on-one stakeholder meetings, relations to community groups, business and local organizations. Ricardo is adept in providing site tours, collateral materials and organizing community members to participate in the planning process and project hearings. Ricardo brings nearly 15 years of experience from his work in the City of Los Angeles, Council District 9 and federal offices that have represented the Downtown L.A community. Ricardo worked on segments of the renowned L.A. Live project and has experience working with all level of stakeholders. Ricardo graduated from UCLA and received his MPA in Leadership and Management from California State University, Northridge. Ricardo is fluent in Spanish.